Art Occurs

The young man bagging up the groceries in the lane next to me was wearing a newly-fashioned plastic bag.  He explained to his coworker that someone’s milk had broken through the bag, so he had just tried it on for size.  He shifted it off-center and voila.  Whatever the corporate office would say about his disregard for his professional appearance, he set off  an avalanche of goodwill among the Safeway crowd.

It was an act of spiritual generosity.  As I walked outside, another shopper clicked his heels in the air as he paddled his shopping cart across the parking lot.  He turned around to see me when he arrived at his car.  I smiled.  After putting away my groceries, I said, “Hey.  I see you like to dance.  Here’s a postcard for a dance concert by New Articulations.”

In these trying times, I think we can all appreciate inspired action in whatever form it takes.  We are all agents of change.  We can transmit goodness through our interactions with others.

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