Critical Race Theory

When the Culture Wars Came for My Job, Part 1

This blog post picks up from “America’s Hidden Figures Deserve the Light of Day“ Hardly had the ink dried on many university presidents’ statements responding to the civil unrest of 2020 than the backlash began. I was one of the countless educators preparing the summer of 2020 to teach amid a global pandemic. I watched…

Three dancers of GCU's Ethington Dance Ensemble jumping in mid-air while performing choreography by Heather Beal

America’s Hidden Figures Deserve The Light of Day

When white parents say things like, “I don’t want my daughter to grow up feeling guilty for being white,” it offers a prime example of the blinding effects of white privilege. Instead of engaging in intercultural opportunities that could alleviate such intolerant and misguided attitudes, they choose to shelter their children from vital conversations. Protecting…

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