African Diasporic Dance

Children participating in lesson with GCU's Elementary Dance Tour cast

Teaching Kids Again: Refresher Course

(This entry was originally a social media post on my personal page.) One of my biggest joys this year has been teaching kids again. I’ve been teaching beginning contemporary for 10-12 year olds regularly, but yesterday I was asked to sub hip-hop for 6-8-year-olds with only about an hour to prepare. I said yes. I…

Three dancers of GCU's Ethington Dance Ensemble jumping in mid-air while performing choreography by Heather Beal

America’s Hidden Figures Deserve The Light of Day

While the vast majority of the nation’s educators are embracing culturally relevant and responsive pedagogy- and seeing excellent results- we are also living in an era in which a book like Hidden Figures can be labeled as “divisive content” and put under review by the local school board. When white parents say things like, “I…

Black and white photo of Katherine Dunham and partner in Barrelhouse Blues

2022 Dunham Certification Workshop and Intensive

July 17 – 23: Dunham Teacher Certification WorkshopJuly 25 – July 29: Dunham Technique Intensive The Institute for Dunham Technique Certification is dedicated to perpetuating the legacy of dancer/choreographer/anthropologist Katherine Dunham. (1909-2006) The Institute maintains a professional standard for the teaching of Dunham Technique,¬†and creates a worldwide network of professional Dunham instructors who actively maintain…

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